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FSG Mod Assistant

This is a mod folder switcher with extra tools for Farm Sim 2022

FSG Mod Assistant

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This is a mod folder switcher with extra tools

What this does

At it’s core functionality, this is a file manager, and it has the ability to edit FS22’s gameSettings.xml file to set one of your mod collections as the mod location the game reads.


Detailed Documentation

Please note that this documentation is auto-generated, and may refer to a newer version than you currently have. If things look a little different, rest assured that you will soon have the features mentioned

What is a Broken Mod?


Download the installer for your platform from the Releases page - the program will install with 1-click, and auto-run when it’s ready.

Download options

Builds are available for the following:

Latest Release

Install & How-To Videos

Install Video

Install Video


Either download the new version and install over top, or, the program will self-update itself every time you start it (downloads silently, installs on demand or at exit)

Mod Assistant Speed

PLEASE READ: Note about the Mod Cache: Mods are scanned and cached from disk so that this app can run as fast as possible - but the initial scanning process is in depth, and not very fast. So, be aware than when you add a folder of a lot of mods, it may take a bit of time to scan them for the first time. Mod Assistant goes out of it’s way to only scan a “version” of a file once, so subsequent loads on the program will be much, much fast. If you are interested in the details of the cache, see the FAQ. If you find that your collections continue to full rescan, you may need to enable sync mode - see the page on User Preferences

Translations and Localizations

Some effort has been made to produce a version of Mod Assistant in your preferred language, but as the creators only speak english, we need help on this. We accept pull requests, and we have an active CrowdIn project. Many, many thanks to all of the folks who have contributed so far to this effort!